Evergrande Group – Initial Thoughts

Evergrande Group (3333.HK) [August 28, 2019 ] Interim Result Announcement @ Four Seasons Background The first time I looked at this stock was several years ago when I was doing internship in Hong Kong. Someone in the team registered the site visit but figured out the company was "not interesting" so the trip was left … Continue reading Evergrande Group – Initial Thoughts


Country Garden Service – Meeting Note 1

Country Garden Service (6098.HK) [August 26, 2019] Meeting Note 1 @ One IFC Background The company posted strong 1H2019 earnings last Friday. Reaction in the market were quite positive reflecting in stock price movement and high attendance in the meeting. Related post: Country Garden Service - Initial thoughts Topics of Interest Maybe it's for the … Continue reading Country Garden Service – Meeting Note 1

Country Garden Service – Initial Thoughts

Country Garden Service (6098.HK) [August 24, 2019] * Initial Thoughts * Background I came across this stock when reviewing post earnings release roadshow schedule. It showed up in various timeslots at different brokers' venues. This indicates the market is interested in the stock and the company is happy to promote itself publicly. Country Garden Service … Continue reading Country Garden Service – Initial Thoughts

Stabilization in Hotel

After the hotel opening, the next milestone for financial stakeholders is stabilization. The interval between opening and stabilization is called build-up period or ramp-up period. The shorter the build-up/ramp-up period is, the higher return equity capital providers get and the lower risk to which debt capital providers are exposed.¬† This is because the hotel property … Continue reading Stabilization in Hotel