JFrog – FY3Q20 ER

JFrog's first result as a public company came in earlier. Few operational highlights: Number of customers with ARR greater than $100K increased to 313 this quarter from 286 last quarterNumber of customers with ARR above $1M increased to 9 this quarter from 8 last quarterNet Dollar Retention for trailing four quarters declined to 136% for … Continue reading JFrog – FY3Q20 ER

JFrog – Guess FY3Q20

Once you have a model, you can play around numbers and make some guess on quarterly results. My first guess on Frog's first earnings below. Will revisit the difference after the earnings release. Hopefully, this process improves my predictive power on this specific company over time. I don't have consensus numbers so will need to … Continue reading JFrog – Guess FY3Q20

JFrog – Quick Cal.

💡 Intellectual exercise only. Don't take the projection seriously. JFrog recorded accounting profit in the last quarter. The company has been cashflow positive for a while. The business is a typical software business which enjoys high gross margin. Once the business breaks even, the operating leverage might kick in faster than consensus expects because people … Continue reading JFrog – Quick Cal.