Networks can still be beaten

The title of this post is taken from the wrap-up of  Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, and The Quest to Kill eBay by Steve Yegge. As I am now focusing on marketplace where network plays a major role in the business model, I'm particular interested in competition between marketplace, invasion of a emerging marketplace, and whether … Continue reading Networks can still be beaten


Mercari (4385.JP) – Initial Analysis

Mercari (4385.JP) [November 25, 2018] * Initial Analysis * Business Model The primary product level business model of Mercari is mobile app-based C2C marketplaces. Mercari's C2C marketplace app portfolio has dominant market position in Japan. Mercari is trying to penetrate overseas markets with operations in US & UK. The US operation is still in early … Continue reading Mercari (4385.JP) – Initial Analysis

PDD.US – 3Q18 Results Quick Look

Projection vs Actual Source of Difference ~ Operation Metrics ~ [1] Conversion rate defined as LTM Active Buyer / Avg. MAU decreased (an improvement for me) significantly by around 10 percentage points. [2] Actual LTM average rate per active buyer is higher then projected [3] Overestimation of adoption rate based on Wechat MAU [4] Underestimation … Continue reading PDD.US – 3Q18 Results Quick Look

PDD.US – Initial Analysis

PDD.US [November 17, 2018] * Initial Analysis * Business Model PDD is platform-on-a-platform marketplace which leverage established social network of foundation platform to aggregate consumer demand at large volume for merchants enabling deep volume discount for consumers. Current Monetization / Revenue Stream Currently, PDD monetizes the marketplace by providing online marketing services to merchants and … Continue reading PDD.US – Initial Analysis