Unity – IPO Note

đź’ˇ This note is NOT an advice for making any investment decisions. Data in this note is hand-collected so it's recommended to double check your data provider and S-1. The content here is my intellectual exercise so it might deviate from reality substantially and should be different from typical S-1 tear-down or IPO snapshot (hopefully … Continue reading Unity – IPO Note


Pinterest – Initial Model

Pinterest (PINS.US) [October 19, 2019] Initial Model Download the work-in-progress model in excel here to play around 🙂 It's been a while since I put together initial analysis and deck skeleton on Pinterest. However, I have some difficulties to convert my thesis (particularly business development and competition) into numeric assumptions and found it's not easy … Continue reading Pinterest – Initial Model

58.com – Initial Thoughts

58.com (WUBA.US) [August 23, 2019] * Initial Thoughts * Background I came across this stock when trying various online stock analysis tools. I listened to its 2Q2019 earnings conference call and briefly reviewed most recent company presentation. I found 58.com interesting because of its business model and new business initiatives such as 58 Town and … Continue reading 58.com – Initial Thoughts

Pinterest – Initial Analysis

Pinterest (PINS.US) [August 14, 2019] Initial Analysis [0] Analysis Background | Approach Selection While Pinterest has been a listed company since April this year, it is still in early stage and is more like a pure play of something. If you think runway left is enormous, a bottom up approach to follow the company increases … Continue reading Pinterest – Initial Analysis