AUO (2409.TW / AUOTY.US) – Tracking (post-Feb21 Sales)

[March 9th, 2021] AUO Feb. 2021- Sales: NTD 25.6B, -3.8% MoM, +44.7% YoY - Total shipment: 2.009M square meter, -5.2% MoM Feb sales was better than I expected. While the sales was affected by less working day during lunar new year, it seemed elevated pricing environment mitigated the impact of seasonality. AUO changed its monthly … Continue reading AUO (2409.TW / AUOTY.US) – Tracking (post-Feb21 Sales)

AUO (2409.TW / AUOTY.US) – Tracking (pre-Feb21 Sales)

[March 8th, 2021] This is a tracking exercise. The TFT-LCD or display business has been lousy for many years. It has been cyclical and driven by demand-supply dynamics. The management is optimistic about the future believing there's an industry-level structural change. Few factors contribute to that idea including more demand from various verticals (behavior change … Continue reading AUO (2409.TW / AUOTY.US) – Tracking (pre-Feb21 Sales)