17 Edu & Tech (YQ.US) – Note (4Q20ER)

[March 9th, 2021] YQ reported 4Q20 results. Line items & margins Topline was inline with my guessGross margin showed some economics of scale compared to last quarter but it only had marginal improvement from last year. The reason is that services provided by instructors and tutors are not scalable as codes or digital content.S&M exp. … Continue reading 17 Edu & Tech (YQ.US) – Note (4Q20ER)

17 Edu & Tech (YQ.US) – Note (pre-4Q20ER guess)

[March 8th, 2021] This is an exercise on guessing (no research on underlying) the 4Q20 result of 17 Education & Technology Group (YQ.US). The information is based on F-1 where the company disclosed their unaudited financial data of October 2019 and October 2020 (page 7). I think it's because the online education market in China … Continue reading 17 Edu & Tech (YQ.US) – Note (pre-4Q20ER guess)