2020 is a weird year with a bunch of tail events. I hope the net impact from the sum of those events is skewed to positive to you. We’re finally about to say good bye to this “memorable” year. Since the vaccine has been deployed, I wish our life can quickly normalize even though the state might be different from that of pre-Covid 19.

Blog review & plan

I published around 25 posts in 2020. Most of posts are related to gaming because I decided to focus on gaming industry since it’s my interest. This focus won’t change in 2021. I also wrote some IPO posts. The style has migrated from teardown to quick thoughts because there’s so much high-quality content supply on the internet and I’m not a fan of low-quality redundancy (I believe others do the job better). I plan to do more IPO posts and some “relatively in-depth” analysis on listed companies. Hopefully, these stuff can lead to some positive returns while I think in this environment most returns come from management of portfolio, risk and emotion (all these three are post investment management to me) rather than stock picking or sector / style allocation (if you only do public equity).

Personal goal for 2021

I just start learning Japanese by myself (still on Gojuon…). Goal: “take” N1 test in 2021 (hopefully I can pass lol).

I’m about to learn Unity by myself. Goal: ship one playable game in 2021.

Happy New Year!

A prosperous Year of the Ox!


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