Astral Chain – Social Analytics Exercise on Game Release

Click the tweet below to see the whole thread of tracking Astral Chain. Initial adoption of #AstralChain #アストラルチェイン will be excellent as it's highlight of August for #Nintendo. This #NintendoSwitch exclusive new IP will do well overall. The success of #FireEmblemThreeHouses helps. Both will help release of Dragon Quest XI S in September. — Yui … Continue reading Astral Chain – Social Analytics Exercise on Game Release


Natural Food – Initial Thoughts

Natural Food (1837.HK) [August 30, 2019] Interim Results Announcement @ Conrad Background I was simply attracted by the brand name and guided by my preliminary China theme - consumption upgrade. Before attending the meeting, I thought Natural Food was doing something like what General Mill does... Initial Thoughts I didn't find anything that got me … Continue reading Natural Food – Initial Thoughts

Cosmo Lady – Initial Thoughts

Cosmo Lady (2298.HK) [August 29, 2019] Interim Results Announcement @ Mandarin Oriental Background I was attracted by the ugly stock price chart and had a feeling that the company might be struggling like other traditional retail players. Initial Thoughts As expected, the company is struggling and delivered terrible financial results in the first half of … Continue reading Cosmo Lady – Initial Thoughts

Evergrande Group – Initial Thoughts

Evergrande Group (3333.HK) [August 28, 2019 ] Interim Result Announcement @ Four Seasons Background The first time I looked at this stock was several years ago when I was doing internship in Hong Kong. Someone in the team registered the site visit but figured out the company was "not interesting" so the trip was left … Continue reading Evergrande Group – Initial Thoughts

Sino BioPharmaceutical – Initial Thoughts

Sino BioPharmaceutical (1177.HK) [August 29, 2019] Interim Result Announcement @ JW Marriott Background I attended the meeting because of recommendation from a friend. The attendance was high reflecting interest of market for whatever reason (no preparation before the announcement as I was in auto-pilot exploration mode). Initial Thoughts I was super impressed by their briefing. … Continue reading Sino BioPharmaceutical – Initial Thoughts