Tokyo Day 2 – Oct. 24, 2018

The next day we went to Tsukiji for breakfast as we didn’t have enough information about the newly-opened Toyosu fish market.

It’s very clear that tourist traffic decreased substantially even though I heard that outer-market  (jōgai-shijō) stays. Some shops in the outer-market were not open when I visited, not sure whether they’re taking a break after market transition or they’re about to move to Toyosu as well.

My feeling is that it’s the remains of the fish market. Tourist-oriented shops that reply on market traffic as main customer acquisition channel will struggle with significant traffic scale down. Probably one year later, some media will report the status of Tsukiji and do some before and after comparison. My guess is that Tsukiji will become a local market and shops targeting tourists without real specialty will not survive.

After finishing Gyūdon (牛丼) at きつねや, we headed to Asakusa and Ueno to do what tourists should do.

We had sushi for lunch at Seamon Ginza around 1pm so walk-in was okay even in busy area like Ginza. The course dishes were familiar to what I had at Nihonbashi yesterday.

We spend the afternoon in Ginza-Yurakucho-Marunouchi area and the Imperial Palace.

View towards Hibiya from Imperial Palace
Statue of Love
A flower shop

We had dinner at a lovely izakaya called Ginza Shimada (銀座 しまだ) where we stood to have small dishes and drinks. The experience was quite unique (as it’s a high quality stand bar in Ginza) and food was good. Their Japaneses guests even asked us why we knew this restaurant. (well, I googled “the best izakaya in Ginza” and checked on tabelog)

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We concluded the day with drinks and night view of Tokyo Tower at GINZA CASITA at 14F of Hotel The Celestine Ginza.

A great place for late night drink with view in Ginza



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